Welcome to Political World

This blog started as a group blog by members of  Tok! internet forum, in January 2010.  In March, we moved to our new forum, Political World, at www.politicalworld.org.

I started Politicalworld.org to provide an Irish and International open political forum where people of differing standpoints could discuss urgent political concerns and ideas as well as just hang out and chat.

Now PW.org is up and running, with 300 + members, nearly 30,000 posts and is developing its character as a forum community.   Its time now to launch our own group blog.  

All members of Political World are invited to contribute.

C. Flower

One Response

  1. You are right Bertie Basher there has to be another way a fairer way.

    The getting together of people on a common purpose is what counts here we don’t all have to be of the same political speak to get together to seek a better way.

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