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The Financial Crisis is an Illusion Which Can Be Shattered
October 11, 2010

The seemingly endless, downward spiral of financial crisis which threatens the prosperity and lifestyles of future generations of Irish people can be arrested and circumvented. It’s not even real. Most if not all of the money apparently ‘owed’ by the people never existed in any material form in the first place. It’s FIAT money, illusory finance pulled out of the arses of bankers and never converting from digital to material. Why pay interest or even capital return on what never existed to begin with?

Those who created the illusion should be punished, severely and their criminal activities investigated and exposed. ‘Agreements’ and ‘debts’ resulting from said criminality should be withdrawn from.

The means to do all this lies off the West coast yet the criminals are expending the 26C’s tax revenues on yet another aspect of the illusion. There’s enough oil and gas to keep Ireland self-sufficient in energy for generations yet the 26C tax payer pays to have it extracted by foreign corporate interests and pay exhorbitant prices for imported fuel from the same foreign corporate interests. The oil and gas reserves should be nationalised and processed safely offshore. Ireland could produce enough oil and gas to supply the entire nation for generations and still have some for export. The same is the case with food production, we produce more than enough to feed ourselves and will never want for trading partners. We also have expertise and education which not only can be exported but could sustain indigenous industry. Dell might have moved but why couldn’t we have a state computer company cloning them; if it’s good enough for the Chinese…….
The present corrupt system which sustains the illusions for the benefit of the few needs to be smashed and control of the country given to the people. Committees of technical experts should be responsible for the decision making in their respective fields as opposed to the inefficiency of corrupt cronyism. With a combination of indigenous industry and an expanded military / national service corps involved in real development work overseas helping emerging trading partners there is no reason why there couldn’t be universal employment.


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