The Financial Crisis is an Illusion Which Can Be Shattered

The seemingly endless, downward spiral of financial crisis which threatens the prosperity and lifestyles of future generations of Irish people can be arrested and circumvented. It’s not even real. Most if not all of the money apparently ‘owed’ by the people never existed in any material form in the first place. It’s FIAT money, illusory finance pulled out of the arses of bankers and never converting from digital to material. Why pay interest or even capital return on what never existed to begin with?

Those who created the illusion should be punished, severely and their criminal activities investigated and exposed. ‘Agreements’ and ‘debts’ resulting from said criminality should be withdrawn from.

The means to do all this lies off the West coast yet the criminals are expending the 26C’s tax revenues on yet another aspect of the illusion. There’s enough oil and gas to keep Ireland self-sufficient in energy for generations yet the 26C tax payer pays to have it extracted by foreign corporate interests and pay exhorbitant prices for imported fuel from the same foreign corporate interests. The oil and gas reserves should be nationalised and processed safely offshore. Ireland could produce enough oil and gas to supply the entire nation for generations and still have some for export. The same is the case with food production, we produce more than enough to feed ourselves and will never want for trading partners. We also have expertise and education which not only can be exported but could sustain indigenous industry. Dell might have moved but why couldn’t we have a state computer company cloning them; if it’s good enough for the Chinese…….
The present corrupt system which sustains the illusions for the benefit of the few needs to be smashed and control of the country given to the people. Committees of technical experts should be responsible for the decision making in their respective fields as opposed to the inefficiency of corrupt cronyism. With a combination of indigenous industry and an expanded military / national service corps involved in real development work overseas helping emerging trading partners there is no reason why there couldn’t be universal employment.


Cáthasaigh 10.10.2010

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  1. Is the problem not that we are capable of producing more than we need?

    Overproduction led to price collapse: the system requires that the labour and equipment used in production be destroyed or nullified.

    The market just doesn’t work.

  2. The system is completely flawed as it is based on profit rather than efficiency or need. Every person living in a ‘western’ society is guilty of the exploitation of much of the rest of the world, purely as a result of going about their day-to-day lives. The imbalence needs to be addressed but that can never happen within the confines of the present, global economic system. A system based on resource efficiency and need is urgently required.

    • Couldn’t agree more….pity is…for many generations capitalism has sucked ‘us’ in from the cradle…and established our wants as needs.
      I need water and food and shelter in Ireland….. as elsewhere; The ‘corrupted’ want what they do not need….to gain profit from the water food and shelter of others….(landlords being one small example)!!

  3. Irish brothers STOP THE RAPE OF IRELAND ON DECEMBER 7. Force your parliamentarians to VOTE AGAINST the “bail out” and instead order them to follow the people’s plan.

    THE PLAN is for the Irish government to CREATE SOVEREIGN MONEY non interest bearing to pay down the FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM’S DEBT CURRENCY!! Just like the Lincoln’s GREENBACK currency did during the US civil war. Follow the advice in the video The Secret of OZ (link below)

    MONEY IS A STATE OF MIND that is shared by a society to function, and as such a NEW ONE can be designed and applied at any time enough people decides to do it.

    Irish people should follow the path of Icelanders who REFUSED the Debt-Stone-Hanging-from-their-Neck !!

    STOP THE FRACTIONAL CURRENCY watch the following links:
    1- MONEY AS DEBT and

    2- The Secret of Oz


    4- Renaissance 2.0: Lesson 1


    6- ZEITGEIST addendum

    7- Debunking Money (#1): Money, Myth, and Machiavelli

  4. The problem described in the article is also shared in Britain, under the auspices of the Bank of England, and in the United States, under the supervision of the Federal Reserve. In many Western countries, a cabal of bankers has imposed a financial harness to commandeer the powers of government.

    The technique was summarized long ago by Meyer Amschel Rothschild: “Give me the power to create a nation’s money, and I care not who writes its laws.”

    The reason financial power is so decisive in determining who actually has political power is that governments must pay their office holders, their bureaucrats, their police, and their soldiers in the legal tender currency. If the right to produce that currency is held by private interests, then of course those private interests will waste no time as they find ways to profit by usury, i.e. by issuing it as interest-bearing debt, thereby getting some of the reward for every citizen’s labor without doing anything to recompense the country for their gains.

    You can easily see how this kind of system, once it is established, quickly becomes so rich and politically powerful that it can essentially co-opt the government and, thus, control the laws.

    The leverage involved is quite firm. To break it, you will probably have to fight and win a civil war. And, once that is done, you will almost certainly have to fight and win a series of foreign wars against all of the countries who remain dominated by the aliens whose banking apparatchiks presently dominate your country.

    That, more or less, is what happened to Germany in 1939-45.

    The group which has hijacked Ireland has also hijacked many other countries. The Irish would be well-advised to coordinate any efforts to terminate this group’s control with nationalists in other Western countries. At the least, you’ll need a reliable and resourceful external sponsor to offer you support and, perhaps, divide the attention the financially predatory alien group.

    • By moving fractional reserve assets into silver or gold, this in fact shorts the fractional illusory/strangling system and stops the interest bearing fractional currency from feeding the monster.

      However, the problem is gold and silver CAN be manipulated as well by the same people and others, besides the little issue of it happening to be a straight-jacket for economies that wish to expand faster than these metals can be mined.

      According to the film “The Secret of OZ” ( ) this can be avoided by using an Andrew Jackson type figure to close the FED and impose a Lincoln style Greenback sovereign currency to pay off the fractional crap while at the same time injecting the new currency.

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