‘Ireland’ and ‘The Irish’ are now ‘a commodity’!!!

In the past number of weeks, I have heard so much about ‘The Markets’, that I am truly sick to my stomach.

The budget and this 4 year plan must now SATISFY THE MARKET!!!! We are told that we must show that we are reliable and give confidence that we can pay back what we borrow.

I have no difficulty in paying back what we owe!!!! That is a given.

However, I have a major difficult in our country being reduced to commodity status. And that is exactly what we are, right now.

In this new ‘commodity status’, there is no relevance given to

people struggling to pay their bills,
people terrified for their futures,
people suffering the loss of loved ones who have taken their own lives,
people buried in ‘negative equity’ that they may NEVER be free of,
people living in ghost estates where there are drainage problems and no lightening,
people who have lost their jobs,
people, trying to give hope to their children about the future
people desperately trying to keep their business going
people terrified about this next budget, will send them over the edge
people scared that more ‘charges’ will be placed on their medicine
people who, under normal circumstances would NEVER steal, but now have to for their children to eat
people who are homeless
people who HAVE TO go to SVdeP for support, to keep body and soul, together
people who are sick
children at home
children in school

The list of PEOPLE’s circumstances could go on and on.

This is where ff have brought us……to the place of being a COMMODITY. We are nolonger ‘a people’, we are now ‘a good risk’ or ‘a bad risk’. Depending on our ‘performance’ our risk goes up or down.

So, what happens if e.g. this November there are major floods in the west of our country??? When PEOPLE have to leave their homes and find shelter elshwhere. Will that be seen in ‘The Markets’ as a threat to being payed and therefore our risk goes up, negatively???

There is no need any longer to watch the DOW, ISEQ, FTSE……just watch TI (The Irish) and see what kind of risk we are today.

I am truly disgusted that people who were given the privilage to govern this Nation, have brought us to this place. They truly were a VERY BAD risk. We are all suffering for it, since.

Newsy – 23.10.2010

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