Ireland: Would State Suspicion be Cured By Local Power?

The recent death of a bachelor neighbour got me thinking about people’s attitude towards the state and the weak sense of nationhood we seem to have in the country. 

The man was elderly, odd, had little relatives and people wondered whether he made a will or not. The main conclusion from most people was that hopefully he left his land to someone so the state wouldn’t get their hands on it. There’s such an amazingly huge resentment and suspicion to this “alien” state.

From using green diesel, to fiddling figures to get college grants, working while on the dole, the main aim seems to be to constantly pull one over on customs, social welfare and revenue. The same people pulling all the strokes are then on hospital protests, wondering how the state can’t afford to keep them open!

I’m sure this behaviour is not unique to the west. But why do people feel such a detachment from the state? It’s often speculated that it’s down to the fact the old Gaelic tribe system never fully went away, in which political power was never really centralized and when centralized government was introduced, it was forcibly brought in by a foreign power.
So if centralized government seems to be something that we hold with such disdain and is clearly not working well, would Ireland be much better off as a federal nation? This, as RSF have proposed, could also have benefits in potentially re-incorporating the 6 Counties more easily.

For all our faults, there is certainly a great sense of community still left, in most rural and small town spots anyway. Never better observed when a person comes down with a serious illness and needs to raise money to go abroad for treatment, helping bereaved families after tragic deaths and even the tidy towns movement. People do seem to work a lot better on a local level.

So would local devolution work well for us or would the same problems with governance follow us on to the local field as well?

Fraxinus – 26.10.2010

One Response

  1. Centralized governments are helpful mainly to groups who want to take over the whole country without going to all the bother of doing it a piece at a time while preventing any of the parts from escaping the net.

    The idea of centralized government is sold to the public by making it seem beneficial to them. But, once the centralized government is in place, the subversives, whoever they are, go right to work, bribing and blackmailing, buying up the media to control public information, and running the banks to control the national finance. Before long, the country that acquired a centralized government, the better to advance the national will, is instead all roped into a harness, the better to advance the will of the subversives. Thus are the native tricked. It has happened many times in many countries.

    I don’t know for certain which group is doing this to Ireland, but I suspect that it’s the same group that is doing it in Britain, in Germany, in Canada, and in the United States. There is one particular group that has had a rather remarkable history of hijacking other people’s countries in this manner. You know who they are. But identifying them is often a sure way to have one’s writing censored.

    Political government and tribal government are mutually antagonistic forms of rule. Political government is based on, well, politics. Tribal government is based on family. Any political government and the family are natural enemies because they are rivals for the right to command the sense of duty, the highest loyalty, of people. Political government would like to have soldiers who are so “reliable” that they would shoot their own mothers. If families could regain their organization and cohesiveness, they would reciprocate the sentiment by teaching their children to be reliable enough to overthrow their political government if it should presume to abuse the family.

    I ask you for your opinion: which way would you rather have things?

    It is no surprise that Irish people are commonly resentful of taxes and of private property being attached by the centralized government, while at the same time being resentful that the centralized government doesn’t do enough for them. The reason it isn’t a surprise is because the latter resentment is the cause of the former one. Who in their right mind approves of being robbed for the benefit for foreign groups? Nobody. And that’s what’s going on in Ireland, as it is in many other Western countries, today. The proper national stock is being taxed, driven, practically enslaved, so that foreigners can live better.

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