Abolish County Boundaries Altogether

“Donegal a test for the people”? Ya know…I think it really could be; but not in the way most people seem to think! You know…it’s funny….I don’t really give a flying ‘fig’ any more about divisions and alliances and clannish stupidities…which (let’s face it) is how rich political dynasties and their pals got us here in the first place!!
My suggestion is we get rid of county boundaries alltogether…once and for all. Before anybody denounces this as ‘heresy’ and rubbish…ask yourselves what…exactly what, does dividing up a tiny (really) tiny country like this achieve…unless it’s to achieve 166 T.Ds in the Dail…and what exactly does that achieve?
We have a state (the South)…of only 4 million people…who’s only allegiances should really be to the health and welfare of the poorest and worst off in the WHOLE country. Scrambles over who, will win what, in a by-election…which is morally a joke in the first-place??…PLEASE!
Please tell me this type of Ireland is not what we want; an Ireland where we’re all fooled into more political chicanery and b******t…for time after time! It doesn’t matter a damn who or what wins a by-election anywhere in this country now…cop on! This country has been sold to the rich (whether here or Brussels)…and they do not(absolutely do not) care whether ‘old lady Maisy’ down the boreen has enough heat for the winter…or whether Cystic fibrosis sufferers like ‘little jimmy or mary’….who gasp for every breath, have a dedicated unit in a hospital to insure they live longer!!
Donegal by-election? No…I couldn’t give a damn…Kerry getting yet more ‘stuff’ to help those in power retain their dynastic-crap? No…couldn’t give a damn there either….all these politicians can go to hell!!
What I care about….and what everyone should care about is how to stop people dying because they have no connection with the rich/political class!
You want to keep the county-boundaries for G.A.A etc? Great stuff….but for God’s sake…COP-ON!
As i’ve alluded to in other posts…the fox is guarding the hen-house…and ‘we’ all keep looking after the fox…..pretty soon there’ll be no eggs either!!
whydontwe 09.11.2010

3 Responses

  1. Add in local ‘representation’ in the County Councils and it appears we have created a huge gravy train for FF/FG/Labour apparatchiks. Very few other snouts are allowed in the trough. The 26 counties could easily be split into say 7 regions with maybe 60 or 70 representatives in total.

    • Indeed…but I would favour 26 reps at most…no councils whatsoever…(after all…OPW/CIVIL/PUBLIC SERVICE…not enough well-paid experts there?)….abolish quangos altogether…abolish Senate…abolish Presidency….develop Spike Island into modern prison…demolish Mountjoy (sell the site)….etc etc….how much money to be made for the hospitals??

  2. There is so much historic parochialism and graft through the counties that a fresh start is definitely worth thinking about – but places do better with elected representatives and I think all towns should have some form of elected local council.

    Worth looking at other European States.

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