A Verse for the Royal Wedding

Oak trees are common around the family’s Berkshire home village of Bucklebury, reputedly since Nelson’s colleague Admiral Collingwood passed that way after Trafalgar, scattering acorns so that the Royal Navy should never be short of ships’ timber.

Acorns proud, planted by hand
So that never short of oak may be
The Empire of whom Collingwood was proud
Thinking it last forever maybe
It was not to be, and now these two
A commoner princess swept by his charms
To be joined in a union maybe as weak
As his parents: a new drawn coat of arms

With union colours and Collinwood’s acorns
So that England never be short of oak
Now they took all Ireland’s, a world looks on
And media provides a glossy cloak
A royal pageant, celebration a show
As history by the second is carved
And watching somewhere a drug addicts child
Its parents strung out, the baby half starved

Such is reality, such is progress
Democracy is the systems name
Some have too little, others too much
Like ages past, it is the same…

tomasocarthaigh   22.4.2011

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