The Queen’s Visit – As Tacky as its Organisers.

The Queen’s Visit – As Tacky as its Organisers.

Over the last few years, the Irish nation and its people have hit a great many low points but nothing could prepare us for the depths of desperation into which the visit of Queen Elizabeth would plunge us.

Or maybe not.

Yes, it’s true, Ireland has already been forced to hand over its financial and political sovereignty and even a fleeting glance at the ‘Royal Visit’ would have convinced the world that we were hell bent on surrendering our cultural independence too.

Joe Duffy on RTE Radio 1, spoke about ‘the rest of the empire’ in what was the crowning monarchist pinnacle of his downright creepy, fawning adulation of the German dynasty and he allowed no serious balance in the debate.

Outside, what passes for a police force, already detached from any true political control or restraint flexed its unaccountable muscle with little or no regard to the law, the nation, its symbols and least of all, its citizens.

All the little piggies at the troughs, both past and present, gathered for photo opportunities where they could, pontificating on the new start, belittling any protest and congratulating Ireland for finally having matured.  All down of course, (miraculously) to the gracing of our soil by one disinterested octogenarian with poor dress sense and her racist husband.

Crawling out from their revisionist bunkers, emboldened commentators who stymied truth for decades, spewed effervescently to whoever would listen with wilder and wilder excitement about what it all means and where it will all lead.  Myers spent the entirety of day 1 as some surreal court jester on Radio Ulster where every blue blooded, Anglo-Irish aspect of society was lauded and any hint of Celtic pride derided as subversive, this would only be the beginning of the GAA’s road to decency.

Denis Murray required new underpants on live TV as he predicted a further visit from the happy couple of a few weeks back which would see even bigger crowds…………

……..Hang on a fucking minute, there were no crowds Denis, the whole scene looked like a screen grab from the terraces at Dundella versus Comber Rec in the Steel & Sons Cup.

And there you have the crux of it. It’s all a lie. Nobody wanted this ridiculous and outdated figurehead to visit Ireland outside of the political elite on either side of the Irish Sea, huge sections of the media and a rump of little Engirelanders who will never let go of empire.

You can also add, if you wish, the mild interest of tabloid reading, Manchester United supporting, x-factor watching types who would be as impressed by a visit from the cast of Emmerdale.  But that’s as far as it goes, typically throughout Ireland, whether opposed in principle to the visit or not, the disloyal man, woman and child in the street paid little lasting attention to the charade save the annoyance at disruption and the sickening police overtime bill accrued.

Ireland may be fairly near the bottom on a lot of levels but those that wield political power, corrupt security and poison our airwaves with their selfish bile have passed that point long ago and show no signs of wanting to stop.

But hey, if there’s one good thing about revisionism, it’s that it’s cyclical and before long, people will see these parasites for what they are and Ireland, imperfect as it will always be, might just have the chance of groping its way back to something akin to self-respect.

5intheface 20-05-2011

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  1. Most excellent! If you ever want to roast an Irishman you’ll always find another to turn the spit.

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