‘Time to make a stand, Time to roar’, Anois ‘Réabhlóid na hEorpa! European Revolution now

Well. Andrew’s me name and like many people me age I don’t want much from life, just to get a good job when I graduate in doing something I like. However, it’s madness atm. Look, I know a lot of you like me don’t read the newspapers. We don’t watch RTE’s bullshit or TV3 news etc. save for the sanity of VB/Vincent Browne on occasion but we know things are getting out of hand with college fees too high, and your parents mortgages crippling their lives. The ECB is going to hike interest rates again, which without being intentionally boring, is why we need to leave the euro so we can protect homeowners via low interest rates and a near halving of the debt on their homes through outright devaluation of a punt nua. I know many people tune out and just watch Jedward and get on with their lives as best they can, because hey what else can ye do, right?

But I just want to say that it doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t have to agree with my politics to feel injusticed atm. I mean grants are being cut very heavily, many of you probably can’t afford health insurance or the dentist, can’t get a medical card and have to help family members pay their bills with any spare cash you find. Yes we had an election, but apart from a few dozen helpul or semi-helpful opposition TD’s everything is still the same. Politicians still fly in jets, live on 6 figure wages and expenses at our expense driven round in bloody chariots to boot whilst you and I, future workers hopefully, see increases in suicides, depression, drug usage, domestic violence, health problems, mental health problems, youth drug usage due to poverty etc. Official and unofficial figures have previously stated 5’000 Irish people die every year from inequality and suicides are over double what they were three years ago.

But we can change this. A little country less than 1’000 miles north of us called Iceland protested for 10 months a few years back and got a referendum on the unfair and cruel bank bailout forced on them. Then when the ubers who lied to get elected(sound familiar anyone?) tried to do a Lisbon 2(for you non Irish folk google the ‘Yes for Jobs slogan’ which was akin to ‘yes or Starve’ regarding Official Ireland’s second Lisbon treaty campaign in 2009) on them, they voted no again. Spain has more unemployed people than the whole of Ireland’s population. Ireland has more people out of work than the whole of Iceland’s population. We all face the same problems, and as we speak Spain and Italy and Greece are fighting back via revolution.

Now just to finish I know it’s not always easy to take things seriously as Irish people naturally probably all hate politicians-at least thats my view of the problem. But we don’t need politicians to make our own choices. And the choice we now face is do we let the Gardai and the taxmen kill innocent people (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nM04…ature=youtu.be) and traitors get away with(literally) murder or do we stand up for our rights with our friends from Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Iceland etc.? There is a demonstration next Saturday organized by the European Revolutionary movement in Dublin, with no party banners or party leaflets allowed(though I think things like the non party Anti War movement and Enough campaign may be allowed-email one of the others to confirm) and everyone is welcome. It’s on from 2-5 p.m. at the Spire, the heart of our capital by the GPO and Jim Larkins statue, which could be the next best thing to an Irish Tahrir square/Puerta Del Sol for us as it’s in the middle of the country’s three busiest streets. I am willing to give what money I can spare to ensure a sustained democratic campaign of protest is held until we have our referendum, justice, equality, and our country back. The choice is yours. Please stand with me.

Now since then the protest has had 60 confirmed attendees. See the top of the page for the FB details. Also here’s an interesting video of the Spanish-Irish solidarity demo at the Spire from last saturday:
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtcyHZKBEGE&NR=1) . Some of the best signs at the event, and I have photos which I am struggling to upload, included ‘Govts and Banks the Real Piiigs’ ‘Spain, Ireland-Piiigs must stick together!’, ‘Muerte al capitalismo!’, “Start the Irish Revolution now!’ whilst the crowd chanted ‘Don’t look at us, join us!’. My own placard, courtesy of 4 star pizza, read ‘Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Malta, etc. European socialist revolution now!’. All going well, I’ll have two of them stapled to me hurley for the next day.

Since then the world has found out a few things. Firstly, Iceland did what Ireland should’ve done. http:// www.directdemocracyireland.org/news/international/economics-a-finance/204-iceland-exits-recession.html It is recovering since last Autumn after doing the right thing and letting banks fail, thanks to the people who campaigned 10 months for their first referendum and had their second a month or so ago. Spain is having a revolution(see http://twitter.com/#!/democraciareal and #spanishrevolution and #yeswecamp to start with). Italy has since started as well:
(http://www.facebook.com/italianrevolution?ref=ts&sk=wall) You can show your support for the Spanish Revolution on politicalworld.org which is Ireland’s fastest growing forum by joining and contributing to this thread which many hope will soon contain regular Irish demonstrations for the need for a referendum on the diktat, no more cuts, fair taxation and justice for our people: (http://www.politicalworld.org/showthread.php?t=8159) and their huge arab spring thread is as follows: (http://www.politicalworld.org/showthread.php?t=6297&highlight=arab+revolution)
Marches have also been taking place in Holland, France and England with sit ins in Paris by both the French and Spanish at the Bastille.
Twitter: @SpainatDam , @_globalcamp , @Acampadaparis, @Acamapdalyon, #m25gr just for tasters.

We don’t have to keep beating ourselves up or mocking protesters, which some of us in Ireland take too easily to doing. We can change our country. It’s not the fecking troika’s country, or the vichy govt.‘s country, it’s yours and mine! So, please come to the Spire Saturday at 2 p.m. for an assembly styled protest, which the movement hopes to organize in spirit of the successful Egyptian, Tunisian and Spanish commissions and Street assemblies, weather permitting of course. The revolution does not come from androids or Ipad’s, it comes from FB, blogs, youtube and twitter which are the incredible mass mobilization tools of our time.

I’d like to read you with a lovely poem by Irish poet David Shelton  which I found insightful, inspiring, polemic and not a tad provocative:

Eireann go brea (Lovely Ireland/The lovely Irish/Ireland me love).

Well now we’re truly broke,the party’s done.
All who had great riches, now have none.
Those who dreamed the dream can only weep,
And slosh around in debt a fathom deep.
Our discourse laden down with gloom and strife.
The doom so thick you’d cut it with a knife.
Zombie banks are feeding on our flesh,
Insatiable, each day they start a fresh.
The great and good have many things to hide
The old,the poor,the sick are cast aside.
Corrupted by their greed our leaders lie,
Transfixed we watch our childern’s futures die.
We’ll whinge ourselves to death but never act,
As former friends devise some new attack.
The irish lemmings racing to the cliff,
The cute hoors(common Irish phrase for a populist gombeen) holding
back to bag a spiff.
And experts chart another good way out.
Some say head for north,some say south.
Despondency is giving way to dread,
Our self regard is hanging from a thread.
If talk could cure our ills we’d never ail.
The only thing we’ve learned is how to fail.
Debate won’t cut the mustard any more,
It’s time to take a stand
It’s time to roar,

david shelton

Please see: FB: ‘Protest for a true Democracy Now’, ‘For a true democracy now Dublin!’ ‘True Democracy Now! #SpanishRevolution in Cork’, ‘Spanish Revolution’, ‘Dutch Revolution for real democracy’,  ‘Operation Revolution France’, ‘Real Democracy Now UK!’, ‘UK Revolution 2011, Real Democracy Now’, ‘Italian Revolution, Democrazia  Reala Ora’,  and Andy Purf if you wish to contact your truly-any friend of any nation welcome. Please twitter #the name of the country, then revolution. For Greece, it’s #m25gr

And for information on this and other matters regarding the Dublin Democratic Revolutionary movement, you can email me at apjpisared@gmail.com(although I must stress that I am not to credit for the start of this movement, I am just offering to assist in any way I can-the Spanish people living in Ireland started this movement with protests last Saturday in Dublin, Cork and Galway), fediko@hotmail.com and <leticiaillescas@gmail.com> I am seeking to merge the rapidly growing FB page and smaller Twitter I set up last Saturday with the Dublin Revolutionary movement so I am not going to bother promoting it here again as it will probably be done together for solidarity purposes soon, all going well.

Andrew Purlfield (apjp) 26. 5. 11

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