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I am wholly convinced that what is happening in the World is linked to my candidature for Áras an Uachtaráin, and that when I will be given the responsibility of ninth president of Ireland, I will concurrently be also taking on the responsibility of a leader among the world leaders.

I am one who is in touch with what is going on in the lands to the east and south of the Mediterranean. Since the beginning of this year I have been very moved by the human dignity awakening that is taking place in the Middle East, and North Africa. Now, you might ask what has that got to do with the ninth presidency of Ireland? The answer is we don’t know.

However, one thing is certain, that the ninth president will need to be able to understand, and empathize with where these peoples have come from in their struggle for a new life, and be willing to be a part of their aspirations and dreams.

Ireland has on many levels a very good reputation in North Africa, and even more so in the Middle East, especially in the fields of education, health, and agriculture. We mutually need each other, and as such we can mutually benefit each other.

An empathetic, visionary, warm-hearted president would work wonders in ushering in a new era of investment and mutual cooperation. We here in Ireland cannot afford to miss out on this golden opportunity for self-recovery.

I lived in the Middle East for six years (KSA,UAE), and have grown to love its natural beauty; its profound cultures, and the endless hospitality of its peoples. Hospitality, culture, and beauty are also synonymous with Ireland.

Hospitable peoples can work with the greatest of ease with hospitable peoples.

And here is a poem I composed back in March which brings out clearly my empathy with what is happening in this beautiful – ancient in culture region of the world.

~Man a’ ma of Al Bahrayn ~

Bad rain; bad rain choppering down
on the precious pearls of the isles of Al Bahrayn.
In saying, insane, insanity.
Kaaba’s wall, Western’s wall, n’ Vatican’s wall
are weeping, weeping, weeping over this, n’ more besides.
But why; why, why aren’t Christians, Jews, n’ Muslims,
weeping in kind?
Too caught up they are in the actions of praying.
Bowing, swaying, kneeling,
n’ wording away into their own ears;
quite oblivious of the weeping walls there before them.
This is not a Shia Sunni; a Sunni Shia conflict.
This is humanity asserting its birthright.
An Islamic awakening, you think?
Perhaps, a Jewish awakening?
Even, a Christian awakening maybe?
Dream on, dream on, n’ dream on.
Look around you; look around you, look around you!
Don’t confine to such levels the aspirations of humanity.
Man a’ ma – father n’ mother crying for their pearls:
wailing for their children all day long
n’ long long long into the dark lonely night.
Where is the best place with Allah; with Yhwh, with God?
The best place, you ask?
The best place is living in dignity in the here n’ now
upon this munificent garden planet.
And what is it be living in dignity?
It is among others things to be respectful n’ caring of self,
n’ of one’s neighbours near n’ far.
It is to be collectively safekeeping the well being
of this our miraculous home here among the stars.
Silence; silence is for the fishes of the waters.
We humans have a voice; a voice to speak up for respect;
a voice to speak out against the vaporization of people,
n’ the disregard for all that is good n’ noble in humanity.
Beloved Mother Arabia, why;
why are you letting yourself be molested?
Why are you letting yourself be influenced
by those ephemeral powerful few
who little care for you,
your beloved children,
or your admirable civilization?
Greed is gawking you squarely in the eye, yet you cannot see it.
What mother; tell me, what mother slays her own children?
Listen; listen to your sacred heart; listen to it.
Stop; stop, stop adhering to absentee voices
of blatant cold indifference.
Blame, blame is but the pinnacle of shame.
Wake up; wake up a new dawn is emerging for humanity.
Show us a way please,
for we too are lost due to our ignobility.
Trust first in your deepest roots:
in your ancient Bedouin heart;
your great compassionate, patient heart.
Dry your tears;
your many many many tears,
‘n be with gratefully rising to your feet,
n’ joyfully putting on a new garment,
for a new day it is,
n’ with loving fragrantly,
we resolutely need to be.

Richard Mc Sweeney 23.6.2011


Richard Mc Sweeney – aka “Richard of Eire” – is a “mystery candidate” in the forthcoming Presidential Elections of 2011

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