Cant, Hypocrisy and the British Riots of 2011

So there’s this guy – John McDonnell MP



and there’s this guy – Neville



then there’s this guy – Nick Clegg: Firestarter! No really. 4:44–5:44



First, though, I want to know if Clegg’s readiness to please means he’ll confess to the unvarnished truth about an episode he once passed off as ‘a drunken prank’. My understanding is that it was much more than that. It was arson, actually. He could have gone to jail, ending his chances of a political career before it had even begun. The property he destroyed, deliberately, was priceless.

He treated this like a joke when, cleverly, he made it public at a fringe meeting in 2007, before the leadership election.

He wasn’t arrested, because he ran away.

‘We didn’t know what we were doing. We were teenagers, we’d drunk too much – frankly, we did behave appallingly, irresponsibly, criminally. Next morning, one of the organisers of the exchange rang me up and said, “We know you did this.” I came clean.’

Nick Clegg regrets…

and, of course, this guy – David Cameron 1:46–1:50


DAVID CAMERON faced an internal inquiry yesterday into claims he “maxed out” his second home expenses.

The Tory leader took out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage and then paid off a £75,000 loan soon afterwards.

The financial juggling may have cost taxpayers as much as £22,000.

Cameron said he had not broken any rules but agreed to be investigated by the “scrutiny panel” he set up last month to investigate Tory abuses.

Asked if he had failed his own “smell test” – that it broke the spirit if not the letter of the rules – he limply responded: “It’s absolutely for others to make that decision.”

Tory leader Cameron faces probe over mortgage claim

David Cameron names MPs who will repay some expense claims

David Cameron says he will lead senior Conservatives in repaying “excessive” expenses – warning he will boot out of the party any MPs who refuse.

The Tory leader apologised, saying he was “appalled” by the expenses which were leaked to the Daily Telegraph.


and then there were these guys

Manchester Magistrates Court has so far sentenced two men to prison terms after they were arrested and convicted of swearing during the disturbances in the city on Tuesday night.

Jason Ullett, 39, of Ancoats, was sentenced to ten weeks in prison for swearing at police officers. Ricky Gemmell, 18, was sentenced to four months in youth custody for “ranting and swearing at police”. In June, it was reported that police officers were told that “courts do not accept police officers are caused harassment, alarm or distress by words such as: ****, *****, bollocks, wankers”, and were told to cease arresting people just for verbal insults.

The sentencing came as part of the “fast track” court procedures that have taken place across the country since the rioting at the beginning of the week. Magistrates Courts hear cases for minor offences, such as public order offences, and those in cities affected by the riots have been working uninterrupted to deal with the backlog. More serious offences are handed on to Crown Courts.


Two sent to jail for swearing




Justin Casey 13.08.2011


2 Responses

  1. Neville’s anger is palpable – but very controlled … something the politicians and the police could learn from.

  2. +1000 but….. will anything change. What we want is change, none of these people with their backgrounds and history will make anything change.

    Change will be brought about when those who are unaffected by the situation in the UK at the moment, or last week, will wake up to the reality of life there and the prospects for themselves and their families and insist on more accountability. However, they couldn’t even organise to change ther voting system, a basic requirement.

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