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The Radio
October 7, 2011

The Radio

‘Good morning Ulster’ she approximated
Despite the litanies anticipated
Suspect advice she satiated
The victim’s name, not yet related

Will all key holders check their shop?
The victim’s name at 9 o’clock
Sandyknowes is chock-a- block
Parsons plead the madness stop.

Great results for the Whites and Blues
On a border road, a pair of shoes
A three-nil win against The Crues
The victim’s name, first other news.

Wrap up well against the breeze
The victim’s name will follow these
There’s a rumour of a longer freeze
These killings usually come in threes

Graham joins us from the farmers’ show
Trouble there? He reckons, ‘No!’
The victim’s name today is slow
It’s nice to have a little snow.

Police have said the man was shot
I’ve never known it quite so hot
Demands that killers soon be caught
The victim’s name, we soon forgot.

5intheface 5.10.2011

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