The New Right in Europe

With the recent surge seen in the far right in Europe, are they promising people something they can deliver on or are they going to fall flat? In the recent French elections, Marie Le Pen promised to look at the rights of workers and played the left wing card hoping to appeal to those whom might have otherwise voted for the left. Golden Dawn came to power in Greece with the promise to deal with the immigration issues that they have made out to be a bigger deal than it is . Golden Dawn saw their figures jump from .29% support to 6.7% or thereabouts on the back of playing the anti immigration card, they vowed to rid “Athens of the stench” of what is immigrants. In Finland the True Finns are surfing in on a tide of anti European sentiment and anti immgration policies. Couple all of this with well known antics of such parties in Ireland and the BNP in the UK and other far right parties in Europe and we may be setting ourselves up for a dangerous rift in society. Already some of these parties are well known to have violent links and links to neo nazism.

What are the reasons for the rise in the far right?

The following publication , Far Right Parities – discourse in Europe,suggests the following:…ight_EN_LR.pdf

-disillusion with main stream parties
-Complex party systems with excellent communications
-Exploiting niches in various areas of the political spectrum (immigration being one stick they use to beat others)
-lack of show of power (leadership etc) by the left.

People cannot say that have not been warned. We allow these parties to come in and we sign the death warrant of democracy itself. We validate the opinions of the autocrats and the fascits and we allow them to dictate to us how to live our lives when it is us that should be in control of our lives.

Are we allowing these wolves to continually dress in sheeps clothing? Lets hope in the future we don’t let them for our sake and for the sake of the weak in society.


fluffybiscuits  17.5.2012

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  1. the reason for the rise of the right across Europe is due solely to the unresponsiveness of the mainstream political parties. this in turn is due to the restricted environment in which national parties operate rooted in the democratic deficit in the european union’s political structures.

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