A Petition to the Martians from the Inhabitants of Planet Earth, June 2012

Dear Martians,

We have a little problem here on planet Earth. We’ve messed up so badly, only you can help us out.

Only in the last week, we reached a stage where we are placing money with the Germans – interest free! Just in the hope that our Euros are safe somewhere. The already imploding Chinese Empire announced that it is in no position to help Europe, as it did in 2008. The USA is beginning to realise that not everyone can be fooled all the time when it comes to ‘stimulus’ measures. The president is SO desperate, he even came out in support of gay marriages the other day.

Even the august Financial Times, with its motto of ‘Without fear and without favour’ can’t bring itself to go beyond finger-pointing at the Eurozone. There is obviously a fear that the people of Britannia might discover how utterly dysfunctional their own financial & political systems are. And like everywhere else on the planet, we can’t possibly afford to tell people the truth.

Ireland’s imbecilic Minister of Finance said, ’emigration is a life-style choice’. We might all be emigrating to Mars unless you graciously bail us out. That would be the truly socialist thing to do; just ask Labour minister Joan Burton, who would rather deprive her own citizens and pay out the unsecured bond holders of Bavaria & Beverly Hills, before she stands up for anything she actually campaigned for… At least Fine Gael, the prime minister’s party, never pretended to care too much about the down and outs of Irish society.

Please see proof attached.

The Earthlings

SeanD6  3.6.2012

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