A VERY personal reason why Israel’s deputy ambassador to Ireland should be expelled

The following news item has been published in the last 24 hours:

Deputy to the ambassador in Ireland: the pro-Palestinian activists are motivated by problems in sexual orientation

By Moav Vardi

Senior diplomat Nurit Tinari-Modai, has come up with a new plan to combat the delegitimization activities against Israel: to fight directly with the Israeli activists who take part in it. [“]You have to hurt their soft underbelly, publish their pictures, with the hopes of local activists understanding that they might actually be working on behalf of the Mossad,” she wrote the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and claimed that their motivation is not ideological.

An exceptional statement by a senior Israeli diplomat is published for the first time today (Tuesday), on Channel 10 News. The deputy to the ambassador to Ireland, Nurit Tinari-Modai, has argued that pro-Palestinian Israeli activists who defame Israel abroad are acting from psychological motivation, including problems of sexual identity. Ireland is one of the sharpest hot-spots of the pro-Palestinian activism against Israel, and some of the people who take part in that activity are Israeli.

In a cable Tinari-Modai sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem she proposes a new strategy: work directly against those Israeli activists, humiliate and shame them. “It is possible to obtain names of the Israelis… you have to try and hit their soft underbellies, to publish their photographs, maybe that will cause embarrassment from their friends in Israel and their family, hoping that local activists would understand that they may actually be working on behalf of Mossad,” writes the deputy ambassador.

“The activity of those activists against the state is, in my evaluation, not necessarily ideological (!) but grounded in psychological reasons (generally of disappointment with the parents, [or] sexual identity problems) or the need to obtain a residency visa in one of the countries in Europe,” adds Tinari-Modai.

This letter was met with fury by senior figures at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The deputy ambassador has become entirely confused, this result of going against the Israelis will empower the objectors. It would be better to fight against the delegitimization than to propose deranged ideas,” they told Channel 10 News there.

The official response by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs unrelentingly fights the delegitimization of Israel everywhere, but does not engage in witch hunts. Such proposals are not aligned with the spirit and customary practice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”



And here is the Hebrew version:


Just in case I am one of the Israelis that Mrs. Tinari-Modai has in mind, I would like to clarify the following:

1. I have been a proud member of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign for a good number of years. Here is the proof:


2. I have taken great pride in my involvement with the Pro-Palestian cause. Here is one example:


3. Yes, indeed, I come from a rather dysfunctional home. My father was a proud Likud supporter, so much so that Israel’s current fascist Prime-Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, held one of his first public gatherings in our garden in Ramat Hasharon, shortly after he returned from being Israel’s ambassador to the UN. My mother was an ardent supporter of Apartheid South-Africa and worked as the secretary to South-Africa’s ambassador to Tel-Aviv in the mid-late 70’s. She was so good at her job, she was actually approached on behalf of Israel’s current president, Shimon Peres (of the so-called left-wing Labour party), to become his English speech writer.

4. If my sexual preferences are any concern of Mrs. Tinari-Modai, or her husband, His Excellency Ambassador Modai, as representatives of the State of Israel, please feel free to discuss them with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Ireland, or your local psychologist. I am now a proud Irish citizen.

5. Here is my photograph, just to save you the trouble of ‘naming and shaming’ me:

Jonathan Sugarman (WhistleblowerIrl) 14.1.2012

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  1. ‘In the last 24 hrs’ is a tad meaningless if you don’t issue a dateline. But then, Time is a moveable feast for the Left, n’est-ce pas?

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