Is it time to revisit the idea of a federal republic? Should Sinn Fein re-embrace “Eire Nua” ?

The republican movement abandoned Éire Nua mainly because it was perceived as being a sop to Unionism. That accusation can hardly be thrown at it now,  given the Good Friday agreement.

1971  pamphlet on Éire Nua:

Eire Nua proposed four regional parliaments, as well as an all-island national one.

One of the main faults with Leinster house is the focus given to local issues rather than national – a perfect example of this is the way it has been consumed by Reilly’s primary health care centers. With regional Dáils or perhaps even more local assemblies such as County Councils to argue over such issues the national one would be free to focus on national issues, and the people elected to it would be elected on a national platform, rather than on a promise of getting the road fixed.

It would also go a way towards addressing the Dublin-centric nature of our current government, – the West has been massively neglected. With a regional Dáil this situation would be greatly improved. As for Ulster, it would perhaps ease the blow of the ending of the Union.

Some more  info on Eire Nua here 

It’s clear that the current political system has failed the Irish people utterly – it’s dysfunctional, undemocratic and playing a major part in holding the Irish people down. An alternative system needs to be found. Instead of embracing the current system and trying to work around its crippling limitations we should be looking for a new way to do things. We need visionary politics, not a variation of a doomed theme.

Saoirse go Deo   8.10.2012

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  1. “The republican movement abandoned Éire Nua mainly because it was perceived as being a sop to Unionism. ”

    So there we have it, PSF = the republican movement.

    Such arrogance, such lies is just one reason of many why quite a few have turned their backs on PSF.
    There are many strands, individuals and organisations that are part of the republican movement and PSF would do better to recognise that fact and to work with these people and organistations.

    My understanding of the rejection of Éire Nua was factional manouvering to oust the leaders of PSF/PIRA at the time who were still proponents of the idea.
    Have a read of Voices From the Grave were Brendan Hughes goes into detail how he, Ivor Bell and Gerry Adams were fromulating plans to do just that.

    Then again, can we accept the words of Brendan Hughes, as in the views of the author of this post he was not a member of “the republican movement”/PSF for many of his remaining years.

    This blog post smacks of revisionism.

    As a footnote and slightly off topic, I’d be interested to hear the authors view of non member of the ‘republican movement’ who starved them selves to death in order to secure POW status in the early 1980s.
    If they weren’t members of the ‘republican movement’ what exactly were they ?

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