Irish Blog Awards – itsapoliticalworld “Best Political Blog 2012”

 15 October 2012

Very happy that our blog won the “best political blog” title at Blog Awards Ireland 2012 in the Osprey Hotel Naas on Saturday.  Thanks to all the people who have written on the blog, co-edited it, and commented on posts.

In spite of periodic media grumbles about anonymous political writing, much of the online community still maintains pseudonyms, with excellent work being done on blogs like Namawinelake and The Cedar Lounge Revolution, as well as on “Its a Political World”.  Anonymous writing has an honourable past in Ireland, stretching back to Jonathan Swift’s satirical “Modest Proposal” of 1729 (that the rich should eat the babies of the poor) and beyond.

It was fun to be let out of the blogging cell for a Saturday night at the awards and to meet some interesting bloggers from “Science Calling” “Come Here to Me” and “Mini and Mum.”

Other awards, among the total of 30 categories in the Blog Awards 2012, went to Mona Wise, now writing for the Sunday Times, for her personal blog “Wise Words”, to the “Simply Zesty” social media website and to the new science blog, “Science Calling.”

Inspired by the kindness of the Blog Awards judges, Political World is brewing up a new space for writing of a different kind.  *Watch this space* for an announcement soon.

C. Flower

Administrator, Political World Forum ( and Co-Editor “It’s a Political World” blog

Blog Awards Ireland –…-ireland-2012/

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  1. Congratulations and well deserved

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