Nil carborundum ab illegitimati


“Does Keaveney want to lead the Labour Party?”

It was not just football we were taught in St Jarlath’s College, a shared Alma Mater.

SJC – Ducimus

He is the obvious choice for a new generation.

With these cutbacks and taxes, Kenny and Gilmore, in their Dail bubble (caput inter nubila) are pulling both Labour and FG into a death spin, but then again abyssus abyssum invocat.

Shorthall, Penrose, Nulty, Broughan and now Keaveney – caetera desunt !!

Gilmore and Rabbitte are perhaps jealous that Keaveney did what they could not do – get a socialist seat in East Galway.

They are also ex Workers Party, Gilmore was certainly seemed far more inclined to support David Norris for the presidency that Higgins so there is that dynamic to consider.  The current ex-WP willingness to toe the F.G. line is not shared through the Labour body politik- a pedibus usque ad caput – if you pardon the pun.

As for the rest of it – the use of punitive taxes on the public like a property tax on the family home – not even properly ad valorem – and imminent charges on water, just to help out a few banksters? – this precept is supposed to be falsis principiis proficisci – buggfer that – Non sequitur est.

The now blatent, sheer level of gombeenism with Gilmore and in particular James Reilly is now more apparent with social media and is going to cost a great deal to the back benches, incertae sedis after all.

Perhaps they should adopt Mayor Quimby’s motto – corruptus in extremis 

And Colm, Nil carborundum ab illegitimati


Simonj     14.12.2012 image by Dr. FIVE

3 Responses

  1. Labour must have a death wish to go into government with Fine Gael.
    Gilmore and Rabbit are indeed ex-Worker’s Party.
    “Ex” is most pertinent.
    They tried their best to destroy the WP and now they are doing the same to the Labour Party.
    And it would be nice if you included a rough translation with the Latin.

  2. Ducimus = We Lead
    caput inter nubila = head in the clouds
    abyssus abyssum invocat=the deep draws the deep, i.e. drag you down
    caetera desunt – where are the others, i.e. the others are lacking
    a pedibus usque ad caput- head to heel, i.e. top to bottom
    ad valorem – at value
    falsis principiis proficisci – set from false principle
    Non sequitur est – makes no sense
    incertae sedis – of uncertain placement, transient

    Nil carborundum ab illegitimati
    Don’t let the bastards grind you down

  3. Thanks 🙂

    Nil carborundum ab illegitimati
    Don’t let the bastards grind you down

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