Mea Maxima Culpa – Silence in the House of God – Director, Alex Gibney

Mea Maxima Culpa is about famous Murphy case in a US deaf school – well over 200 boys – as the Vatican tried to whitewash the whole thing. Ratzinger refused to defrock that priest before Fr Murphy died (watchable also to those familiar with ASL (American Sign Language).

Trailer | TIFF Festival 2012 – YouTube

Summary of that film:

Gibney shows that part of the Church’s solution to the abuse allegations was to move the priest to another parish without warning the new parishioners about his abuse record. Some were sent to a retreat where they were ‘helped’ cure themselves of the want to sexually abuse through prayer and reflection. Needless to say, once released, they re-offended repeatedly. The church spent over $8 million trying to ‘cure’ about 2,000 priests. The documentary reports that the church hierarchy’s concern is for the priest and not the victim of abuse, citing shockingly that a ‘boy will get over it’.

Also explored is the knock-on affect of victims coming out with their stories worldwide, including in Ireland with the case of Ballyfermot priest Tony Walsh, known as the singing priest. There are simply too many appalling stories to mention, and while you think you have heard the most of it, this documentary blows the lid off even more.

That documentary was brilliantly made and superb and it blew me out of the water. A powerful one that demonstrated a strong connection between then Cardinal Raztinger to Murphy case.

A possible case for his recent resignation??

2010: Deaf victim of sex abuse is suing pope

It’s sickening to watch but i wasn’t surprised. I felt so revolted as that priest went on to abuse well over circa 100 to 200 deaf boys. These 4 deaf guys are really brave and courageous to speak even though it was uncomfortable for them via the medium of ASL (American sign language).

That documentary encompasses Ireland too as it showed some clips of Cardinal Brady and Cardinal O Connell as well. Their assets should be confiscated or more pertinently arrested for obstruction of a crime – abuse.

It made me all the more angry & enough is enough when i see same incident/patterns all over again – deaf school in Verona, Italy (which i didn’t know until now – that documentary).

Worth watching and it’s riveting and packs punch to punch a lot of holes in the Vatican’s claims.

At the end of that documentary program, it had paid special thanks to various people especially Mary Rafferty.

Disability Student 20 Feb 2013

HBO trailer: – strong visual impact and power towards end.

The film recently opened in Dublin

Interview with the Directo: Alex Gibney

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