Millward Brown Poll – FG 24% (-1%) FF 23% (-4) SF 21% (+1) LB 11% (-2%) Ind 22% (+6) (Sunday Independent)


Millward Brown Poll today – FG 24% (-1%) FF 23% (-4) SF 21% (+1) LB 11% (-2%) Ind 22% (+6)

The Fianna Fail drop ( of 4%) is significant – those who were considering them as leading an alternative Govt. to FG/Lab have woken up.

Already there are mutterings within Fine Gael for Enda to ‘retire gracefully’ – the plan is to have him gone by October this year. We’ll know for sure if any announcement is made about an early Budget this year.

Labour is shagged out – old and bedraggled. One hundred and one years is too long a time with little achievement. Forever a prop for Fine Gael to lean on, and as a result, muffle and silence the social democratic principles within. They made a huge tactical error in entering Government with Fine Gael – Fine Gael will ALWAYS look after their own, Labour will talk of ‘tough’ and ‘agonising’ decisions while they immiserate the vulnerable in society. I expect the electorate to do the decent thing and euthanise the Labour Party at the next election.

Sinn Fein holding steady and playing a great game – well there are 28% of undecideds in this poll. Looking forward to the next one as I expect Sinn Fein to overtake Fine Gael!! I can’t see Enda wooing Gerry Adams …. but there are plenty others in Fine Gael who wouldn’t have a problem with Mr. Adams.

The electorate is in flux – – – which could mean that we have a thinking electorate.

Andrew49   2 March 2013

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