What a ride the G8 was!

Wow! What a ride the G8 was!

Obama stole the show. “What’s the craic” he quipped to thunderous uproar. I mean, I knew he was good but a comic genius? Why it’s almost like someone had just whispered to him, “here big lad, just say this and the gullible fudwits will never get over it. Nice one BO but don’t bother your ring finding out how to correctly pronounce ‘Omagh’.

I’ll tell you what else is hard to get over; walls!

Obie was good enough to inform us that we need to remove the walls that divide us. Nice try you shyster, take them down so that you can flog them to the Israelis who are sticking them up faster than Martin MGuinness to a photo-shoot?

Media-wise it was the north’s ‘Queen’s visit’ moment. It got so bad the met office issued an amber sycophancy warning.

So what’s happening in Fermanagh?

Angular went down to Cavan for some cheap diesel and Cameron had a swim.

Great, I can almost forgive them for their complicity in the tens of thousands of annual deaths their empirical perpetuation causes and as for their paucity of effort with regards to global poverty, starvation and civil rights…..

But enough cynicism, this was our big day and all that’s left to do now is sit back, send a Facebook friends request to the CIA and watch the billions of dollars/rubles/hurons roll in by way of tourists bowled over by aerial photographs of a blurred field and the sight of a fleet of 15 white PSNI tractors.

This country!

5intheface    18.6.2013

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  1. What was it all about?

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