Wonder Walls

While wondering around the rather run-down area of Vila Madalena, I bumped into this. When I went I was told it that it was a work in progress, but halted because the artist fell off her ladder (it’s on the pavement.) She had just started turning an air vent into a bleeding tree. Nobody will touch this, even her bowl of red paint will stay where it is until she gets back to it. This mural is apparently inspired by a fairly recent event of some developers “convincing” indigenous people that it was in their best interest to move on so that the forest could be cut back to facilitate new a new construction. The internet cafe where I am now is minding the drawings this woman is using as a basis for this mural.  Fascinating stuff!

Yesterday, one of the kids my daughter works with took me an area just of Rua Gonçalo Afonso, in a very run-down part of Vila Madalena, and my eyes popped. You turn a corner and literally walk from the high-rise jungle into what is nothing short of a different universe.It is simply unbelievable. This is literally an open air, practical art college. You want to start saving up for a visit Eamo… The area is surrounded by the madness of this incredible insanity called Sao Paolo, but refuses to give in to it. And it creates its own madness as a anti-dote. What an anti-dote it is!
The boy, who thinks (!) he is 14, lives in one of the shacks in these alley ways. Most people in the area are simply trying to survive until tomorrow, and it is a fertile recruiting ground for the notorious drug gangs. Simon proudly told me that he and the other street artists don’t need drugs. Painting the streets is his drug. Powerful stuff, this paint!   The boss willing, I’ll be posting a few pics from here over the next few days. Be prepared. Just an overall impression of one of the alley ways. Simon squats in one of the derilict flats behind the red wall on the right. He’s lucky he says, he has a tree blocking out most of high rise building on the other side. He hates them, claims they drive people insane…

One of the most impressive walls is this one, which is the side wall of what once was a furniture maker’s workshop. The whole building has been turned into a kaleidscope of brilliant madness

And this is how you make the metal sliding door a little less boring….



Ephilant   7  October 2013


More of this on Politicalworld.org

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