Boston: A Report from the Front – Guest Post by Youngdan
April 22, 2013

It has been an unprecedented 5 days in Boston and I would like to fill in a few details.
On Monday I was in town myself but not particularly close to Copley Square and was just home when the news hit the airwaves. At first the talking heads were saying it was a gas pipe leak. Two things lead to this belief. That area is known as The Back Bay. It is an area that in Colonial times was ocean to the rear or back of Boston and was filled in from the 1820s to the 1870s. Loose soil and decaying infrastructure could cause leaks and does frequently with water. The other reason was a reluctance to believe the obvious. It was clearly not a gas leak explosion though as they are usually large and would cause huge deaths. The injuries would have been worse than the amputations as they would be burns and it would have been a complete disaster.  
The first thing that stood out was the fact that the blasts were very small. With the crowd density, a bomb could have killed hundreds. The culprits were either amateurs or extremely skilled.
My 16 year old nephew and a girl were in The Prudential Center just yards up the way. He describes what happened on his facebook. They first believed it were a gunman/men firing when the crowds started running. They ran for an exit and luckily the exit they picked brought them away from the carnage. He was not scared, he was terrorized. They both burst into tears and were trying to call home. Terror spreads then. His father would be a man that would fear very little if anything, but one thing scares all men, and that is knowing that your child needs you and you are unable to help. They were too afraid to take the subway home so they walked the 2.5 miles to Dorchester. They live near where the 8 year old lived.
Tuesday there were reports that a man was in custody. He was either in hospital recovering from burns or elsewhere, nobody was sure but we had him. He was a Saudi. Police raided his apartment in Revere and took materials etc. Then we had reports that Obama met with the Saudi minister and all of a sudden there was nobody in custody. The latest on this Saudi is that he was already flagged to be deported next Tuesday and he had nothing to do with anything. This set the internet afire as it is unbelieveable. There is nobody getting deported these days as they are being released due to cutbacks(unless you are from Clare like Declan Hawes and Sean Hamill but thats another story).
Next we must deal with the poor lad that lost his legs that someone posted  was raising money. He is the man who is credited with giving the fbi vital info on the bombers. He looked right at his face and remembered him. He is a typical American these days. He works a deli counter and thanks to Obamacare these companies are cutting back hours to make them parttime as the costs of providing health coverage to employees has skyrocketed. Not sure if he lives at home but his 24 year old brother does and works at mcdonalds. The parents live in Concord New Hampshire and look middle class. The point is the young generation are in the lower class. He is pictured being rushed out in a wheelchair by a cop, an emt and an odd fellow in a cowboy hat. Cowboys are rare in Boston, but this man saved his life by tying the tourniquet. 
This cowboy happens to be a very famous man himself. His name is Carlos Arredondo from Costa Rica
 His son was killed in Iraq in 2004 and when the 3 officers came to his door in dress uniform, it was his 44th birthday and he thought that his son was home to surprise him. He went berserk and grabbed an ax. The officers had to run for their lives while he wrecked their vehicle, doused it with gas, jumped inside and set it on fire. They dragged him out and he survived. He now travels with a coffin and a display of his kids belongings. He gives out flags. His other son suicided himself. The cops viewed him as a suspect and took all his clothes for testing.
Meanwhile the internet sleuths had 3 suspects picked out. It turned out that one was a 17 year old Moroccan and his friend. They turned themselves in and they were cleared. However, their story has got to be the most unbelieveable story every. They said they had come into town to run the marathon. I would point out that you have to qualify for the Boston Marathon. You cant just wander in, tog out and off ya go. The real kicker is, why were they at the finish. No matter how stupid they are, they would know that the start is 26 miles away. IMO, these lads are up to no good.
Then you have the pudgy guy. I have not heard any update on him.
There are also the 2 “seals”. It looks as if they are employees of a private army similiar to Blackwater called Craft International. The man that started Craft International was the famous seal sniper called Chris Kyle that got shot by a nutcase veteran at a gun range a few months back. This guy was lethal and it is said that his drivers licence had nothing on it except a phone number that the cop should call if he was ever pulled over. Once 2 gunmen were about to steal his truck in Texas and he said take it and started to walk away. He pulled his own gun and shooting under his left armpit put 2 rounds in each chest before they could figure out where the gun was. He uses a similiar logo to the navy seals skull logo and that is why some people thought them seals. They were obviousely on duty and radioed in so the question is were they hired and by whom. Then the next question is why is a private military operating in a civilian environment. This is a vital question.
On Thursday I came into town to bring my girls to the circus. The scenes were like nothing I had even seen before. I saw cop cars from everyplace. One cruiser was from Rehobeth, that’s not even in Massachusetts, it is in Rhode Island. Later I heard cops were from New York. Some were regular uniform, some were military style and some were ninja. Even recruits were there. I looped back Newbury street where the barricades were and I  could see Boylston was in disarray. Military armored cars blocked each street perpendicular at Newbury. It seems that people just dropped everything and ran in all directions.
This morning I had to go into town but awoke to the news that the city and a few more towns were in complete lockdown. That did not bother me in the least and I went about my business.
Today, Friday 19th. Patriots Day when the Revolution began in Lexington and Concord can only be descibed as a complete disgrace. To think that on this day 238 years ago that men like me stood against the might of The Redcoats and died, that there were about 1.5 million plonkers hiding in their houses is beyond belief. This is supposed to be the land of the brave. Bear in mind that we were not invaded by 100 million Chinese. Everyone was terrified of one single 19 year old teenager. I kid you not. Someone claimed on the radio that 94 square miles of an economy larger than Ireland was in total lockdown. No public transport, people stranded on Amtrak. A billion dollar a day economy just shut down due to one kid with a gun and who knows how many thousand cops on the streets. Not to talk of the national guard troops on The Common. After all this 6pm came and the suspect had eluded them all. A news conference was held. Defeat was admitted and the lockdown was lifted.
Fifteen minutes later, a private individual had discovered the suspect and shortly thereafter it was all over. It turned out that the suspect was just 1 block outside the huge dragnet they flung over Watertown. It was a total fiasco. Obama came out and told us how brave we were but everyone knows that one man shut half a state down is disgraceful fear.
There will be ramifications.
1. The gun bill was utterly defeated in the Senate this week. I bet those liberals quivering in Watertown wished they had a gun when they realised the killer was not in Roxbury but outside their own fancy window
2. The immigration bill will have taken a near fatal blow. Marco Rubio will not be President. He will likely lose his Senate seat in Florida instead.
3. There will be cameras everyplace now with no real opposition. More will be private anyway as the cost comes down. No place of business should not have their area recorded now. HD as well.
4. The question of the private military is likely the most important.
5. The police really failed here. How was it possible for the suspect to escape the shootout. Hindsight is 20/20 but the question must be asked how the MIT cop allowed himself to be ambushed.
6. This lockdown of course is unprecedented in living memory. This is not a natural disaster. It is one man. A great many people who laugh at the black helecoptor people were not laughing when the 2 blackhawks were fluttering about.
Lastly, my wife works at The Beth Israel in the operating rooms. She was not there when either brother was brought in and would not be able to speak of anything she saw anyway. However, someone there has leaked the very graphic photo of the dead brother and this is a major breach of ethics at least and maybe law as well.

 Youngdan   22 April 2013

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