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November 4, 2012

Pensions and the Servant Problem
September 24, 2010

“Pretty soon, we’ll be having serious, completely un-self-conscious discussions in major magazines about the servant problem.”. So wrote Paul Krugman as he discussed an article which highlighted how the richest percentile in America are feeling hard done by even though they make twice what their counterparts in 1980 did.

Krugman believes that today the American super rich have become coarsened by their super wealth, have lost even the sense they should be embarassed by thinking life is hard on then and move in circles “where complaining that you only have 9 or 10 times median family income is considered totally acceptable”

A small bit like Peter Sutherland then I guess.

Mr Sutherland claimed that our costs – in the main but not exclusively pay – were too high and need to go down.

‘If we did so, it would be apparent that we are still way above average in many areas, particularly in the public sector and this says nothing about pension costs,’ he said

Yes Peter. What about the pension costs? You as former Attorney General were still receiving a state pension of €51,538 in 2008. You have a fortune of €128 million.

Clearly you are a man of rare talents. Your career is an amazing series of pinnacles and that is impressive (although BP, RBS and Goldman Sachs makes you wonder – they all hit nasty speedbumps ). But for all your talent and your preaching on costs and pensions you were still hitting up the state even with your huge fortune for a measly €51,538 a year.

Another freeloader.

As far removed from reality as Krugman’s top 1% in America. For the love of god man give up your paltry, in comparison, state pension before having the gall to talk about the cost of pensions and Dublin’s expenditure.

Irish Economics 23.9.10

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