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C. Flower 

Administrator : Political World

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  1. Great Article on Concrete Cartel

  2. Living in Ireland….born in Ireland…an Irish Native’s dilemma on an Irish cover up!

    If I were an asylum seeker I would have the protection of The Irish Human Rights Organisation and the Department of Foreign Affairs as well as many other Groups of Justice and Human Rights….

    If I were a member of the Travelling Community I would have the protection of Pavee Point, Equality and Justice, Irish Human Rights and many other such Groups….

    If I were a prostitute I would have the protection of Ruhama, Women’s Aid and many other such Groups…

    If I were a victim of torture from a foreign country I would have the protection of Irish Human Rights, The Red Cross and many other such Groups….

    If I were a victim of domestic violence I would have the protection of Women’s Aid, the Gardai and many other such Groups…

    If I were a victim of Corporate corruption I would have the aid and support of Transparency Ireland and other Groups…

    But as a patient who suffered adverse side effects of a blood pressure drug that I should never have been prescribed I have no support….I am shunned like a leper by the Department of Health, HIQA, ISQSH, the HSE and every HSE doctor, public hospital and by many Groups who profess to speak up for the oppressed and wronged in Irish Society….to be shunned I could deal with but I have suffered systematic torture at the hands of doctors in our hospitals and GPs…with the full knowledge of Prime Minister and Minister of Health….is this pharma control?…all to silence me on what is a worldwide exposure of a blood pressure drug, Rasilez Aliskiren….google it and see what you find. Doctors are harming and killing patients to cover up side effects of drugs in general medicine and psychiatary. HSE give 20% bonuses to consultants to “push” drugs on patients. We did not listen to Susie Long when she spoke out against the two tiered Health System in this country. We did not listen to Leonie Fennell when she spoke out against doctors in our country pushing anti-depressant drugs on our young people…will you listen to me?

    Fact: It is not compulsory for doctors or hospitals to report adverse side effects of prescription drugs to the Irish Medicines Board…why? Pharmaceutical companies state that they rely on doctors to report side effects so that they can improve on their drugs. Novartis Medical Director stated to me that he would do what he could both ethically and morally in what has happened to me….and still they harmed me further…should I believe him? Is this the HSE? Is it the Department of Health? Is it doctors and hospitals believing that because they have the protection of the HSE, the IMO, Consultant Groups and their Medical Schools. Write to the Medical Council so many told me and I did only too find out that the Medical Council protects them also….the words of one GP echo in my head “The Medical Council will do nothing on this”. Doctors in our hospitals truly believe they are above the law? Is it pharma control? Or is it a combination of all of the foregoing? Whatever it is, it is wrong, it is beyond medical malpractice. Is this the new Irish holocaust? Yes, I may be labelled “paranoid”…I have found abusing the Mental Health Act comes easy to doctors covering up side effects of all prescription drugs.


    We the innocent people of Pharma/HSE/ and Government may suffer but I pray for the many students who study to become doctors and healers only to become puppets in fear!

    I appeal to good doctors who care about patients’ health and nurses who no longer wish to part of such torture to patients to step forward, speak out and “Stop the hurting of innocent patients”.

    “Those who prefer to favour freedom and yet deprecate agitation are people who want crops without ploughing up the ground. Power concedes nothing without a struggle. It never has and it never will.” Frederick Douglas

    “When Liberty and Democracy become unholy, innocent blood like red dye drips from their hands” – Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Who is C Flower? I want to know who is writing this page before I add my comment and my name, I think it’s only fair

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